Started dating in Lockdown 1. Still dating in Lockdown 2. Now it’s Lockdown 3 (or is it 4?) and Flo is as surprised as anyone that it’s not over yet.

It doesn’t seem like that long since their first date in a chilly park, the first meal out when they were finally allowed, their first ‘socially distant’ kiss.

Now approaching their first anniversary and with her housemate still at home in Leeds, Flo and Alfie have bubbled together, just for now, in her flat.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Flo is unsure what level of gifting to get. She’s combing websites to see if she can arrange a virtual cocktail making class (they’ve already done wine), maybe a cooking lesson (too boring?), maybe just letterbox brownies. She doesn’t want to appear overkeen, but nor does she want to miss the mark.

Valentine’s Day, in lockdown, together. Another first. Maybe that’s romance enough.