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I focus on approaches that encourage people to reveal more of themselves. Helping people to be honest, authentic and unguarded is a craft, not just a skill.

Work I love doing — 1
Big Picture Thinking

Particular business challenges require an expanded timeframe for consumer conversations to get the depth of insight needed to uncover human truths, brand relationships and category behaviour.

The craft comes from devising appropriate tasks and investing time in building rapport and encouraging creativity with participants.

I create relaxed, conversational environments, where people are free to be themselves. They stop wondering what it is I want to know. They just tell me what matters.

The craft is analysing and presenting human stories and insights back to businesses in ways that land, and stick. Win-win.

Ideal for: business challenges where clients need to gain a foundational understanding, kick-start the NPD process or understand how consumers use and feel about products and brands.

Work I love doing — 2
Insight Snapshots

I don’t believe all research projects should always take months to deliver, especially if stakeholders need an answer — fast.

I devise short and sharp projects that might just require a few group discussions, depth interviews or a short-term pop-up community. I work with consumers to get to the essence of what’s important — quickly. This requires skilled moderation because each session really matters and I deliver reports in just a few days.

Ideal for: creative development (comms, pack or product design), customer closeness, exploring a hot topic.

The Nest Research uses the gamut of qualitative approaches.

I work online and face to face.

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