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I’ve been a qualitative researcher for over 20 years, because I love what I do. I’ve talked to people about everything from menopause to mascara, lingerie to weight-loss, Brexit to biscuits, crisps to couture.

My particular skill is finding new ways of having conversations as well as using the traditional techniques, to make sure I get the most out of every interaction with consumers. People like talking to me. I like listening. I notice stuff. I write great debriefs too, because as much as the craft of talking to consumers matters, what’s important to clients is that the work tells a memorable story and creates change.

Prior to hatching The Nest Research in 2020, I was a co-founder of Razor Research for fourteen years. I have the flexibility to take on projects — fast. I build projects by hand and nurture them with personal attention, care and enthusiasm.

I’m Chair of AQR (Association for Qualitative Research) and am committed to helping promote industry excellence. Great qualitative research is an art, it has value, and I believe our industry is worth the investment of time I volunteer. I’m a full member of the MRS and am an MRS mentor.

Gotta love a side hustle

My side-hustle, because I believe everyone should have one, is creative writing. My novels (don’t rush to Waterstones just yet) are about the dramas of Queer everyday life. Listening, noticing, telling stories. Sound familiar?

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