Claudie takes each parent aside and asks for help to draw and write a Valentine’s Day card for the other.

She cannot contain the ‘surprise’ so lays heavy hints over dinner each night.
‘Do you think you will get any cards this year, Mummy?’ and ‘do you think YOU will get any cards this year Mumma?’

As the day draws closer, Claudie asks Jess (Mumma) what she is getting for Sarah (Mummy).
‘Well, poppet, me and mummy don’t really do cards. That’s why the one from you will be such a lovely surprise!’
‘But why not?’ Claudie persists.
‘We love each other every day,’ Jess explains. ‘And we love you every day too.’
‘That’s so sad.’ Claudie says. ‘Poor mummy. I think she would love to have TWO cards.’

Jess’s conscience pricks. She tries to remember why they have a no cards or gifts arrangement in the first place. Whatever moral stance they might have taken years ago now just seems like laziness.

She heads to the Hotel Chocolat website. Just in time. Because it’s never too late for romance.