The girl in the bright yellow dress perches on a ledge that seems too impossibly high for her to have clambered up there unaided.

She wears over-sized Chanel sunglasses that glint in the sun, as do the gems on her beaded choker and strappy sandals.

She leans casually against the trunk of a wide tree, her crossed legs dangle. Even they gleam.

The tree, the ledge and the girl in the bright yellow dress are surrounded by semi-built skyscrapers. They are in various states of undress, caught unaware by the economic downturn.

She peels off the wrapper and then nibbles on a Mars Bar.

A pack of Deliveroo cyclists swoop and dive beneath her. They only look directly at her once there is little danger of eye-contact. With her sunglasses on, they won’t ever know if she notices them or not.

It is unclear whether they are waiting to catch her if she falls or help her down when she’s ready.

The traffic continues to pass by.

They wait.