Liz lay on the sofa and let her hands creep down and cradle her soft belly. Her little secret.

She and Johnnie decided shortly after they got married that they weren’t going to have kids. They wanted to focus on their careers, didn’t want their lives upended by sharing their earnings with little people, making moral decisions about education based on principles they couldn’t afford. Their friends had kids so they didn’t have to.
This new softness of the last few months had been made with love, Almond Magnums, Sea Salt Green & Blacks, Hendricks, double brunch each weekend (what else was there to do when you’re stuck at home all weekend) and a few too many Uber Eats.
Liz would have been horrified if anyone had spotted it, especially as she was rarely seen from the neck down. Johnnie hadn’t brought it up yet either. Though he did make a point last week of asking when she thought their gym was going to re-open. She let her hands wander gently, just pausing to cup the new pouch of fat. She loved it, this little lockdown baby. All hers.